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1. When did The Wizard of Oz premier?
September 4th, 1940 (Wednesday)
November 6th, 1998 (Friday)
December 12th, 1939 (Monday)
August 15th, 1939 (Tuesday)

2. Who was the original scarecrow?
Bert Lahr
Ray Bolger
Fred Stone
Buddy Ebsen

3. What is the name of L. Frank Baum's granddaughter?
Ozma Baum
Dorothy Baum
Glinda Baum
Mombi Baum

4. What Oz movie characters/actors attended the premier at Grauman's Chinese Theatre?
Ray Bolger, Maud Gage, Bert Lahr, Buddy Ebsen
Bert Lahr, Maud Gage, Charley Grapewin,Billie Burke
Billie Burke, Buddy Ebsen, Maud Gage, Bert Lahr
Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, Billie Burke, Charley Grapewin

5. Fred Stone named one of his children after a star from The Wizard of Oz. What did he name the child?

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