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1. What musical piece was played during the apple orchard scene?
"In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree"
"Ring around the roses"
"Night on Bald Mountain"
"Dark Side Of The Moon"

2. What sound was played to achieve weird noises in the Haunted Forest?
Bird calls, played backwards
A party noise maker
A balloon
A Humazoo

3. What was the cost of making The Wizard of Oz?
About 12 million dollars
1 million dollars
Nearly 3 million dollars
Nothing it was free

4. How long was the filming procedure?
Nearly 10 years
2 months
Almost 10 months
Over 1 year

5. What was the date that MGM officially copywrighted the picture?
August 7, 1939
April 18, 1941
September 12, 1939
October 11, 1938

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