Trivia Page 4

1. Who was Margaret Hamilton's standin?
Shirley Temple
Betty Danko
Judy Garland
Clara Blandick

2. Who provided the voices for the Oz apple trees?
Walter Murch
Buddy Ebsen
Abe Dinovitch
Hunk Andrews

3. What type of bird, brought in among many others for atmosphere, attacked Ray Bolger's straw stuffing and caused the actor to run to his dressing room?
A Saurus Crane
A Goose
A Flamingo
A Pelican

4. Who played the first Tin Man?
Don Knots
Buddy Ebsen
Bert Lahr
William Wallace

5. The aluminum powder that hospitalized the first Tin Man was replaced by what and used on actor Jack Haley?
Dull Aluminum Glitter
Aluminum Paste
Silver Paint

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