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September 9, 2003 -

     • More updates coming soon! Sorry for the delay and hold up. We have run out of space and I am in the process of purchasing more. Also my replies to e-mails is a bit slow. The past month has been an exciting month for me, and things seem to be going great. This site will have plenty of more space as well as quite a few updates coming this month. Stay tuned to Wendy's Wizard Of Oz!


August 13, 2003 -

     • The August 10th news is also new because I didn't post the changes, untill today (the 13th).

     • Trivia Section is done! Check it out.

     • New Picture section done.

     • New Contact page and site map done!

     • The links on the bottom of each page are fully functional.

     • I hope the improvements I have made, make this site all the more enjoyable. I think I have accomplished one of my goals of easier navigation. Hopefully it makes it easier for everyone. If you are experiencing difficulties please send me an e-mail. Thank you.


August 10, 2003 -

     • Parts arrived and computer is fully repaired!

     • There are just tons and tons of things I am currently fixing and working on. I will list a few: Links at bottom of every page. Trivia section. Kid section. Graphics section. The graphic section is actually just going to be a very improved section of the picture pages on this site. There will be galleries with the original pictures as well as new ones and also some downloadable clip art. The trivia section is taking forever because everything has to be re-typed and made. However you will all love it when it is done. It will consist of several mini-quizzes.

     • The pages with the yellow bricks (this news page is one of them) have been modified. I was at a friends house and viewed this site on a 21" monitor and it defiantly didn't appear right. The monitor I use is 19". So I adjusted the pages so that now it should look right on any monitor. These pages look a little different now but not too different.

     • I am glad to have this computer back up and running, there is a lot that I need to do. I will soon be removing the section that had the suggested alternative design (Click Here). I may also soon be deleting the Oz Events page, it is a couple years outdated. And the new forum makes it easier for others to simply post the events.

     • If you have a birthday coming up and want it on the birthday page please send in some info and pics if you have any

     • As you have all probably noticed I have tons of projects going at once. It is taking time but each project will get finished. I have run into a few problems here and there, but not anything major. The more I work on this site the easier and faster I get. This is because I can implement new tools which make updating 10 times faster. Like the new green navigation bar and the links on the bottom of each page. I only have to update 1 item and every page is automatically updated.

     • I am also thinking about moving this News section to the forum. But I am unsure if I will do that or not.

     • The Jitterbug section of this site has been updated. The Jitterbug was one of the deleted scenes. I now have a video of the deleted scene and have new screen captures in that section. Sorry for the horrible quality but that is the quality it seems to be on the DVD. I assume it is because the film was really old.


August 5, 2003 -

     • Still waiting for the parts to arrive to fix the main computer.

     • The new green navigation bar has been installed on all pages except the ones with yellow bricks. That should work on any plane Jane browser. If you are one of the few that the navigation bar isn't working don't worry. A site map is in the works and will be available here soon. Which leads me to ask a technical question. Any fan out there that knows web design, if you happen to know of a program that will put text links on the bottom of every web page at the same time, please let me know where I can get it. Otherwise I'll have to manually put them in all pages.

     • The kids section is well underway. The Return to Oz section is on the back burner for a little bit (not long though). The new message board is up and running. Some new pics are coming very soon. I have a lot of new things coming soon.

     • Please note about the below subject for browsing this site. This site should already work great on your computer. You shouldn't need to download anything to view this great site. However if you have really old software, or a different configuration we have included the links below to make it easy for you to find what you may want or need.

     • This site has many "generations" of web design and code. 99% of browsers should have no problems. Some pages require Java some require Flash, and some pages require a little bit of a new browser. So to view this site properly here is a list of what you should have:

               • Internet Explorer 4.x or newer

               • Netscape Navigator 6.x or newer

               • AOL 6.x or newer

               • Opera 7.x (with java) or newer

               • Java is required but all the above listed have it. You also should have Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime Installed. Real Player is also needed for some movie clips on this site.

               • You only need 1 of the 4 browsers listed. Internet explorer and Netscape are the best. You do not need everything listed to enjoy this site. You also only need one of the 3 media players listed. I am attempting to make all the clips and sounds compatible with Real Player. So if you have real player you should be all set.

               • Below are links to the above mentioned:



August 1, 2003 -

     • My apologies folks, sorry that it is taking so long for an update. The main computer has some major problems and I am waiting for parts to arrive. There was a delay in the order for the new parts. The parts will be here on August 6th. When I get the parts I have a few updates that will be posted. Also all pages except for the pages with the yellow bricks; will have the new green menu. I am on a back-up computer now so I am very limited to what I can do. Thank you.


July 20, 2003 -

     • I have been updating the news quite a bit lately so please look down below there is quite a bit of new things.

(The menu that was here was deleted do to some incompatability)

     • Please everyone take a moment to try out the new menu bar above. It is compatible with nearly all browsers. Please check it out. If you are having a problem with it on your computer please e-mail me immediately. In the next couple days that menu will be on all pages. The reason is because of the existing access center I cannot quickly update. I tried to convert them all to a library item (in dreamweaver) and I just couldn't get it to work because it is different on many pages. The new menu bar I can change a link or add a link in 5 minutes and it will automatically update every page. Simply Click on "Places" and you will see all the links. I didn't make it too elaborate, because I didn't want to overwhelm people.


July 19, 2003 -

     • Check out our new message board by clicking here: Forum , Or you can click the button over to the left on the yellow brick road. I have also created a mini question and answer page for you, for more information about the board. To go to that info page click here.

     • Please look below for yesterdays news I added info about the vote and some more news on that page. Thank you.



July 18, 2003 -

     • *UPDATE* We are proud to announce out new Forum area !!! Please come check it out and post your comments and questions. Check it out by clicking here: Forum

     • The poll ended today click here for the results: Click Here . I wrote the latest news on that page for today please click the link and check it out


July 11, 2003 -

     • I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July.

     • Please note ** I am having some hardware failure here. The motherboard in this computer is failing and I have ordered a new one it is being shipped and on it's way. Some emails were lost. So if you wrote me an e-mail and I didn't reply please resend you e-mail. This site is safe don't worry it is backed up. Also this site is hosted in a different location I no longer run my own hosting servers, because of all the care and maintenance.

     • I am working a little bit on the "Return To Oz" section. I am not going to go into huge detail nor get to elaborate. The are other sites dedicated to just that movie. This site concentrates on the Classic Masterpiece.

     • I am also working on a children's section. I have some coloring book pages. I want to put on some games (.swf) and a few other things. If anyone has anything cool for this section laying around for example: maybe some coloring books, or word puzzles, connect the dots etc. Please scan them and send them to me. Or if you don't have a scanner you can send me some Xerox copies or the original or even fax them to me would be great too. If you do please e-mail me and maybe we can make some arrangements. Thank you very much :)


July 04, 2003 -

     • Happy 4th of July everyone !

     • If anyone book marked the main.html page of this site, you will notice it is now gone. It is now called main.php. Sorry but I had to change it. The counter on the bottom was hosted in another location. For some reason all their stuff stopped working. So the only way that I am able to make an host my own counter is through php scripts. It seems that with php nearly anything is possible :)

     • Also if you haven't all ready, Click Here and vote on a new style for this site. Thank you and have a safe 4th of July.


July 01, 2003 -

     • New style for this site. Click here to see it and vote !! - New Style



June 25, 2003 -

     • Fixed a bunch more broken links.

     • Fixed all the backgrounds back to the Dark Green color (Oops). My monitor is very dark and shows it almost like black. Where as the monitors on my other machines show it properly. There are a couple graphics I will need to fix for the dark green color. Other than that this should now be fixed.

     • Birthday midi (music) and Jitterbug midi may sound very strange on older computers. I haven't figured this out yet. It maybe because Windows XP has an advanced software midi synthesizer. For Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP users download WinGroove and install it. (If you have XP then you most likely aren't having this issue). Another good wave table synth was made by Yamaha, but I don't think it is being made anymore. If anyone has any more info please feel free to e-mail me. In the mean time I'll look for some midi files that will work on all computers.

     • I am also further investigating the "hanging" scene, to answer some more questions. I have had a few people e-mail me on this issue. I am looking for an old clip of this scene from an old copy of the movie. I have been told it is different on some old copies. Please remember the official explanation is that it is a bird.

     • Working a a couple new sections for the site. A section that will be devoted to the other Oz movies and books (non-MGM I guess you can say). And also I'm going to add another photo gallery with behind the scenes photos for MGM's The Wizard Of Oz.

     • Working on improving the trivia section. Please be patient it is going to take me some time to complete it.

     • I am also working on adding a site search. This may or may not ever be done. But I am working hard to evaluate what needs to be done to accomplish it.


June 14, 2003 -

     • Fixed some more links, and replaced a few missing pictures.

     • Fixed a embedded audio problem I was having. The original midi file was missing so I replaced it with a different one. I then later found the original file. But both are so similar I just left it the way it is.

     • I had noticed there was a "no right click" script embedded into a few pages. However it wasn't working properly. I removed the script from the pages that had it and replaced it with a different version that works. Right clicking is disabled on this site. Please ask permission if you need to use any of the content on this site. Also by fixing this it fixed the "error on page" error in Internet explorer.

     • ** This site has been greatly repaired. For you folks that are long time fans of this site, please go through this site again. Check it out, and let me know what you think. There were a few Screen captures that were missing. So I got out my DVD and took some new screen captures. However since I have no idea what the original screen capture was I could only take a good guess. I believe I got the Jitterbug one really close because I seen a thumbnail pic. However the screen capture in the facts section (tornado procedure pic) and on the second script page (Miss Gulch with basket)I made blindly. So I hope the pictures are fairly close to what they were.

     • Please e-mail comments and suggestions. comments@wendyswizardofoz.us Thank you.


June 13, 2003 -

    • Added a lot of new content to the Jitterbug page in the facts section. Picture was missing where it asked if you know what Items all the characters were carrying. So I took some screen captures off my DVD, I believe that I took the right pictures. Them items relate to the cut Jitterbug scene. Also added entire mp3 of the Jitterbug song.

     • Added this news section. This is where I will keep you posted on all the updates and improvements.

     • Changed the yellow bricks over on the left of these pages a little bit. I believe this is a little bit of a closer match to the yellow brick road (The yellow brick road was actually Fence Paint).

     • Repaired a bunch of links, still a lot more to go.

     • E-mail, the e-mail link on the second page towards the bottom it correct. But I am still fixing all the links. The e-mail address to get in contact with me is: jim@wendyswizardofoz.us .

     • Added Real Player video clip of Rumored "hanging" ( link towards bottom). Click here to visit.

     • Added Frank L. Baum Section Click Here to visit.


Future Plans -

     • I plan to work on better improving the navigation. I am going to try to make it so all you have to do it follow the yellow brick road :) However please be patient this is going to take some time.

     • Next update should also have a page to tell you a little bit about me. And how I became the care taker of the awesome site.

     • A Picture gallery, and a download section are in the works too. As well as (possibly) a kids section with coloring book print outs. However, that will depend on a lot of things so I'll keep you posted with my progress.


June 6, 2003 -

     • First day of owning this great site. I hope that I can continue to keep this site as excellent as it is. I have a lot of future plans for this site. Here are a few. I want to add a new section that also is about the other Wizard of Oz movies and books. So there will soon be a section for Return to Oz, Wonderful Land Of Oz, etc. I'm going to attempt to make this one grand Oz site. I am also going to try to make a section geared totally towards kids, with like color book pages they can print and cartoons and simple to read links and words. I may also attempt to build an online forum. I will however be adding a Guest book. I was also thinking about making an online store (separate of course), with tons of Wizard of Oz merchandise. If I ever do create a store for this site it will be in the very very distant future. I would find it too difficult at the moment to stock Wizard of Oz stuff, and plus ship it in a timely manor. These are just a few ideas. All that I have mentioned I am capable of doing. If you have any comments or suggestions please e-mail me at: jim@wendyswizardofoz.us or if you have a comment that you want to appear on the comment page please e-mail: comments@wendyswizardofoz.us . Thank you.

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