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3/23/04 - Added a FAQ section. Made several minor changes and fixed some typos.


2/24/04 - Are you looking at the first couple pages trying to figure out what is diffrent? First of all if you are using Internet Explorer 6.x you should see a pair if ruby slippers for the cursor. Also you may notice that the pictures on the first few pages are more "crisp". I went through and re-made the pictures for the index pages, they are ten times better quality. I also fixed and corrected nemerous thing throughout the site which include: E-Mail links, Typos, Incorect Information, and of course some pictures. Kids Section, Return To Oz Section, Site Map and a few others are still being worked on.

I am finally going to do something about the e-mail issue. I am going to make all the e-mail from this site pool into just one specific e-mail account. That way "hopefully" we can keep the spam mail out. Also other people besides just me could answer them as well. I will have this idea implimented very soon.

I am thinking about writing a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. I keep getting the same e-mails over and over. The answers are all on this site. But I can make it easier by putting them in one page for all the people that can't find the answers they need. For example I keep getting question like: "What type of dog was Toto?" and "What were the two words the Witch wrote in the sky", Believe it or not we get asked these questions almost once a week. So hopefully the mail ppol and the FAQ section will be able to fix the problem we are having with helping you.

12/6/03 - This update is long over due. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Recently I had a couple e-mails for the Help Wanted Ad I have posted. One of the replies the person sent an incorrect e-mail. And the other one accedently got deleted. So the two people that wrote in for the Help Wanted please re-send your message to me. I am sorry for the errors. Also the response to e-mails is currently very slow, I am sorry for this. I have a couple other sites that all get re-directed to my e-mail software. All has worked fine for a very long time, till recently. Somehow the e-mail address from the sites has got on a mailing list and I am getting hit tons and tons of spam. It is very out of hand, and is very difficult to find and not accedently delete the real e-mails. I am working on fixing this big problem. The e-mails address on this site as well as my others may soon change, to solve this huge flood of advertising e-mails.

I also am experimenting with a way for fans to upload their pictures without having to e-mail them. I am working on it, but can't promise if I will ever implement it or not. It all depends on the results I get.

I have been getting a lot of e-mails for screen shots and/or pictures from the film. I am working on an idea for this. Currently there is a "No Right Click" script written in the design of this site. That will be changing soon.

I have added a small Pink Floyd section, click here to visit.


10/21/03 - The Update that I uploaded on 10/13/03 was no good. I made a tiny mistake which caused a huge problem. To make a long story short I had to re-do every single page on this site all over. But this time I flew through it. Now everything is proper and is working great. I will call this build #2. Also with this update you will see some new stuff added here and there. Also the little scottie dog on the main page has been changed to a green emerald, you can now also click on the large pictures too! More exciting things are on the way. Keep your eyes on the Other Oz section and the Kids Section.


10/13/03 - After nearly 2 months worth of work, I have finally posted the latest update! The news dated 9/18/03 is also newer news you probably haven't read yet. I had planned to upload this update last month but it was in bad shape at that time. I am looking for help (writers and/or web designers) in the help wanted section. There is just so much new stuff it would take forever to list here are a few: Added credits section with pictures in the script. Updated the menus. Add a little bit more to the Fascinating Facts section. Added more to the Odd n' Ends section, including a bit about John Ritter in "The Dreamer of Oz" role. Also this site is now at a different location with different hosting. Please only bookmark the main page. I forgot to turn on "cloaking" for the www.wendyswizardofoz.us so as you may have figured out you might need to update your bookmarks.


9/18/03 - As you can probably tell this entire site was updated again. It isn't perfect but it will be greatly easier to work on this site now. I will now be able to do small updates on one file and it will automatically update the entire site. Also all links should now be functioning. We did a vote to either change this site's theme or leave it along and at the very end of the voting period it was a tie, which was very surprising. So I tried to just make some changes to the old style but I couldn't get anything to integrate and work properly. Now everything is a cinch! Please e-mail me your comments and suggestions. By the way I'm not too good of an artist so the graphics are far from great, also the Wendy's Wizard of Oz logo that was on every page will be back on here soon. I am doing my best to make a really cool top graphic with that in it. So the top logo is temporary. Thank you

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